Foundation Phase





Project Read (at schools)

  • Project Read reached 120 Foundation Phase children in 4 schools, with a total of 69 volunteers (39 of them B.Ed 2nd year students from Rhodes University)
  • Each of the Project Read children received a stationery pack and a new book to take home at the end of the year.
  • Assessment results showed an improvement in the literacy scores of the majority of children that participated in Project Read, compared to their baseline scores at the beginning of 2018.
  • In 2 of the schools, reading books home were sent home every week with the children, and we had a session with parents to explain the programme and hand out Game Packs.
  • Angie Thomson ‘retired’ as a volunteer and received a special long-service certificate for her contribution and commitment to Project Read over a 7-year period.

Aftercare And Enrichment (ACE) Programme For Vulnerable Children

When the ACE programme started in 2005, the vision was one of ‘homework support’. However, it soon became clear that in order to ensure growth in the children, more would need to be offered. The programme came to life, offering various enrichment activities including music, swimming, squash, computer skills and gardening.  Regular educational outings saw the children visit places like Amakhala Game Reserve, museums, the Big Pineapple, Kenrich Motors, the circus, the beach, a dairy farm and the cinema, exposing them to enriching experiences which might otherwise not be possible in their home circumstances.

Perhaps the most significant change which took place was the introduction of the maths and literacy clubs. These clubs allowed the children to become immersed in maths and literacy, which in turn improved their marks at school.

Every ACE child is treated as an individual at the Lebone Centre.  They arrive to a warm and loving welcome and a nutritious meal, before settling down to an afternoon of activities and homework.  We make use of various resources such as our relationship with the Rhodes Psychology Department to assist in the development of the children. Following assessments, some were seen on a weekly basis by Masters Psychology Students. We were also able to partner with Rhodes in a pilot project which introduced adult-facilitated, child-centred play into various programmes at the Lebone Centre. Masters Psychology students two sets of observations, to assess the type of play between the children.  Their feedback influences our “learning through play” activities.


Running like a silken thread through all our activities at Lebone is a focus on literacy.  The children enjoy the Nal’ibali Reading Club  as well as celebration of National Library Week, and a serialize termly story book.  Sometimes, they are able to watch the movie version of a book that has been read. This immersion in literature and stories has been very beneficial in fostering a love of books and stimulating the children’s imagination.

The children build up a great affinity with the Centre and we have regular visits from our past pupils.

Get in Touch. Get Involved.

Members of the public are welcome to visit us at the Lebone Centre to see our projects and meet our staff.  We welcome volunteers who are interested and experienced in literacy projects.

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