Our Staff


 Lebone Centre Manager (since 2009)

Anneliese see her purpose as creating possibilities of hope and a better future, using innovative and relevant projects to benefit the children of the community. “We would not be celebrating our 15-year anniversary in 2020, if it was not for our brilliant diverse team (staff and Trustees), effective partnerships especially with funders and Kingswood College and most importantly God’s loving guidance”.


 Literacy Co-ordinator (since 2012)

Cathy runs projects within Lebone that are part of the pipeline that aims to assist all children to read for meaning.  The highlight of her job is the creation of access to books and the love of reading that comes from her work.  With classroom libraries, Nali’bali stories and working with parents, she watches this love of reading develop and parents begin to take up their roles as readers too.  “It’s so doable – it’s not rocket science”, she says.  “Making a few changes and getting books into homes means that reading doesn’t become an anxiety-inducing experience for children.  It becomes fun!”.


ECD Co-ordinator (since 2015)

Cherise is in charge of the pre-school, the multi-lingual storyteller programme, overall co-ordination of the ACE project, whole school partnership development and ECD training with other practioners in the field. She is passionate about education, and her work with the storytellers is what makes her smile the most:  “It makes a difference in under resourced communities, and I love that.  We become a friend to the less fortunate with this programme”.


Housemother (since 2007)

Auntie Jen has been the Housemother at Lebone for 12 years, and she says she wakes up each day looking forward to seeing the children from the ACE programme. “I cannot explain the love and the passion I have for the children.  They are my first priority and I love them like my own children”, she says. It is obvious that she is adored by the children as she mothers them and loves them each day.


General assistant and cook (since 2008)

Anne cooks for the ACE children each day, making sure that they arrive at Lebone to a nutritious lunch. “I love being around to feed the kids”, she says.  “Each one has their own jokes and little stories as they eat their lunch, and I just love being there for them”.


ECD Practitioner (since 2013)

Anneline started as a part-time receptionist at Lebone before becoming involved with ECD.  “ I loved seeing children happy and enjoying themselves at school”, she said.  It was the start of her role as an ECD Practitioner.  “I feel blessed to have people here that make me laugh, feel safe, happy and loved – and I transfer that over to the children.”


Office Administrator (since 2017)

Bronwyn’s official role is that of Office Administrator but she helps out as an assistant in the ACE programme as well.  In the afternoons when the children arrive, “they cheer me up with hugs”, she says.  “I see myself a growing in the field of office administration.  It is an interesting job – there is always something to do!”.


ECD Practitioner (since 2012)

Ziyanda is the teacher in the Multilingual Little Red Dragon Pre-School. Ziyanda started as a Project Read volunteer (one of LC’s reading projects).  While she knew that she was passionate about working with children, she discovered that she was a good storyteller which stands her in good stead in her job.  “You learn a lot from children – they are teachers!  They learn best through play.  I’m proud to be working here – I’ve found my passion here at Lebone”.


ECD Practitioner